wabi sabi is serious about midori

what about you?


midori ?

            Do you know what MIDORI translates to in Japanese?

            It means GREEN, which you can instantly identify with the tone of decor once you step in Wabi Sabi.

           We take pride ourselves on a full-circle midori mentality.

           We hope to inspire others on our environmentally responsible efforts and share midori actions.

actions taken at wabi sabi

  • Reusable utensil for dine-in

            We offer bamboo made utensils rather than one-time use plastic ones.

  • Transforming unneeded material into something wanted

            Nearly all tables and furniture here were hand-crafted from salvaged materials.

  • Controlling the air conditioning settings

            Air conditioning system is closely monitored to keep moderate temperature.

            Also, it is turned off if the weather allows.

  • Placing indoor air-purifier plants

            They are not only pretty to look at, but also purifies the air.

  • Offering an energy-efficient solution to dry your hands in the bathroom

            Instead of paper towels, we installed a low-emission air hand dryer.

how can you participate?

  • B.Y.O.B   --- Bring Your Own Bowl/Box (Shidashi) for to-go!

            You get $1 off from your to-go purchase of a bowl when you bring your own!

            --- Of course this isn't ideal for everyone; we serve in bowls for you.

           When you bring back your Shidashi sushi box from the first time order, save $50 per Shidashi order from the next time.

           --- Please check out the Shidashi page for further information.

  • Pit-stop pickup

            Call & order in advance so that we will bring your order out to the street!

            This hassle-free pick up eliminates fuel waste as you stay in your car without turning off the engine.

             Payments will be done through the car window.

  • Reusable eco bag

            Original Wabi Sabi eco bag is perfect not only for carrying to-go bowls, but also for your daily grocery shopping!

            $2.50    *7.5 x 11.5 x 13 in